General Policies

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  • Communication: We will provide open communication about your child's day through our child care software app which includes live updates for all activities and care components! You will be able to message your child's teacher and all members of our Management as easily as sending a text message.
  • Authorized Pick-Up: Ensuring that any person taking a child from the center is safe and permissible from the parent/guardian who enrolled the child is a requirement of Nurture School and will be strictly enforced. This is a safety concern for the protection of the children, staff & parents. Due to this reason, photo identification will be required at pick-up until staff is familiar with the pick-up person.
  • Parental Involvement: Nurture School provides plentiful parent involvement activities throughout the year including holiday parties, special family events and teacher requested classroom activities. We encourage parents to visit or volunteer in the classrooms to become more involved in your child's experiences! We accept parents as volunteers daily!
  • Meals: In order to accommodate the individual and specific needs of all children, parents will provide a daily lunch + two snacks OR baby food + pre-made bottles. Bottles and lunch boxes will be sent home daily for washing and refilling.
  • Birthday Parties: Birthdays are something that can make a child feel special and extra loved! We encourage parents to bring a special snack for your child’s birthday and any other decorations you wish! We do however ask these items be store, deli, or bakery prepared items! Please no latex or plastic balloons, as these can be a choking hazard. Foil balloons are allowed. Please keep in mind some children do have allergies. Your child’s teacher can assist you in notification if there is a concern related to a specific allergy of children in your child’s classroom.
  • Extra Spaces: NurtureSchool will have a breastfeeding room available to mother’s who prefer to feed on-site or express milk for bottle preparation. We encourage mother-infant interaction!
  • Sun Safety: Sunscreen will only be applied to children in which it has been provided to the facility by a parent/guardian. We are only able to accept lotion based, non-spray sunscreens in the facility. Our goal is to protect children's eyes and lungs from the harmful chemical in spraying sunscreens.
  • School Pictures: Professional school pictures will be taken two or more times per year. Picture packages are offered with various pricing options.
  • Labeling Child Items: Your child's name must be on all items prior to being brought to the center so the items are not confused for another child's. Many parents choose to use stretchable name labels or waterproof sticker labels for their child's items. We highly recommend the investment of pre-made name labels.
  • Toys: Children should not bring toys from home. We provide plentiful toys for the children to enjoy each day.
  • Linens: We supply crib sheets, nap mats, mat sheets, mat blankets and bibs. We wash these items daily and/or weekly.
  • Potty Training: We are more than happy to encourage potty training, typically beginning near/after 2 years of age. We will assist in potty training provided the child is showing signs of readiness such as being able to indicate the need to use the bathroom, is interested in staying dry, or is staying dry for long periods during the day. The initial start needs to be at home for several days with some success before starting at the center. Please dress your child in easy to manage clothing and provide extra changes of clothing at the center, including socks. Communication between parents and the teachers is imperative for a successful transition from diapers to toilet. We practice self-hand washing and drying. Until then, diaper changes are scheduled periodically throughout the day and as needed and we talk about the potty, reading books and allowing the same gender child to see someone their size use the potty. This decreases the ‘fear’ of potty training and we have had success with children being curious about using the potty at an earlier age.