NurtureSchool is an Infant & Toddler specific child care center!

NurtureSchool offers plentiful employment opportunities at our growing child care center. We care for newborn to 3 years through our various age based programs while following stringent quality measures to ensure that we offer top quality child care and education to the children in our area.

Upon application, a short interview will be held with a Director. It is likely another Director or the Owner may sit in on this interview as well. Often times, those of interest will be asked to schedule a second interview with more detailed experiences allowing you to get to know us while we get to know you.

The staff at NurtureSchool undergo a first day 8-hour orientation followed by a one to two week training with our Owner, Directors, Training Consultants & senior teachers prior to being left alone in a classroom. We ensure that each staff member feels comfortable in his/her surrounding and has proper training to have all skills to be successful in this job. All staff begin with a 90-day probationary period while continuing training and receive performance evaluations. Each staff member is required to complete at least 25-30 hours of professional development each year and we will assist you in registering for those learning opportunities as they become available. This begins shortly after employment begins. We feel that offer a career opportunity with a caring, fun & energetic atmosphere! Team work and a positive attitude are of highest priority when adding new staff.

For more information, you may email NurtureSchoolJonesboro@yahoo.com.

To Apply: Click the below application and complete it online. For assistance, you may visit the Main Office to complete an application.

Resume may be emailed to nurtureschooljonesboro@yahoo.com.


NurtureSchool is accepting applications for employment. We are currently interviewing for the below available positions.

Upcoming positions for hire include:

Full-Time Lead Teaching positions. Must be available to work Monday through Friday 7am to 530pm. The expectation is to be comfortable working with children 0-3 years, teach a hands-on curriculum and provide exceptional care with a nurturing quality. Minimal educational background: High School Diploma or GED. CDA or AA/BA in Education is a plus..

Part-Time staff with availability of a 4-6 hours work span and at least three days a week. This is perfect for college students, retirees or mothers who can only work during public school hours. Minimal educational background: High School Diploma or GED.

Full-time Substitute staff available to work 7am to 530pm. These positions will assist as needed in multiple classrooms. Good people skills & being a fast learner are a must.

Highly Experienced? If you have at least 5 years of experience working in a licensed child care center, mothers day out program, or other child related field then feel free to apply anytime.

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