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About Our Campus

NurtureSchool was dreamt about beginning in 2015, reality began to surface in 2016. Land was purchased in early 2018 after a building layout was designed. NurtureSchool opened on August 17, 2020, after several months delay due to the initial onset of Covid-19. NurtureSchool has an expected licensed capacity of 165. It is the first and only new construction Infant/Toddler Center of it's kind in NEA having key features for the health and safety of young children in mind. NurtureSchool is a holistically-aligned child care center focused on the development and education of infants and toddlers. Mrs. Stephanie Matthews became the the Program Director over the NurtureSchool Campus in 2021. We are located at 2110 Grant Avenue in Jonesboro, Arkansas.


Meet Our Program Director

Meet Mrs. Stephanie - Our Program Director

My name is Stephanie Matthews. I have 6 children of my own. I birthed 3 beautiful girls. Then I was blessed with 3 beautiful children who needed a home. My children range in age from toddler to adult. My youngest baby girl is here at NurtureSchool. In the summer, my weekends are spent at the lake with my family. In the fall, my time is spent watching football. My Son takes us all over the state with his AAU football team and my girls all cheer. That fills our weekends.

I have worked in child care facilities for over 15 years. I worked as the Youth Director of a local church for many years where I worked with teenagers as they found their spiritual center. That was an eye opening experience! I worked with children of all ages in foster care as a CASA Volunteer. I worked with students with disabilities in the Special Education Department at a local school.
I have been at Nurture School since we opened in August 2020. I started with NurtureSchool as a classroom teacher and have accepted the position as the Program Director in 2021! My role includes overseeing and coordinating daily operations, maintaining compliance with both Minimum Licensing Regulations, Better Beginnings quality, and internal Company Policies, and ensuring the safety and proper development of the children we are entrusted with.
I really love NurtureSchool’s Holistic Approach. This means we respect the connectedness of the child’s mind, body and spirit. We pay close attention to the child’s physical, emotional, personal, social, and spiritual well being as well as the cognitive aspects of learning. This provides children with opportunities to engage with the natural world.

I want to thank all the parents who have had or currently have their children enrolled with us. If you ever find you have any comments, questions, or concerns please let me know. I am always available Monday-Friday through email, phone and app messaging.

-Mrs. Stephanie

Matthews Family