At NurtureSchool Jonesboro, our mission is to provide child care with a positive attitude and hands-on approach to educational learning that meets the individual needs of each child and family in a nurturing, safe and clean atmosphere.

We strive to make a positive, lasting connection with the child, parents, staff, and community.

NurtureSchool is a holistically driven, nature infused, infant/toddler school which focuses on both academic and play-based learning. Hands-on teaching and learning is our motto.

What We Offer

NurtureSchool in Jonesboro offers...

A holistic learning environment. Learning is organic, emergent, experimental and based on cooperation. There are strong connections to nature, with the care and connection to the environment incorporated throughout the curriculum.

-Infant ratio is 1:5 and Toddlers are 1:8. Often ratios are lower on a daily basis.

-Hours of 700am to 530pm Monday through Friday

-Part-time, Full-time and Drop-In Care for children ages 0 up to 36 months (Infant and Toddler Program)

-Focused daily educational curriculum to prepare children for a structured & socialized atmosphere

-Classrooms with lots of natural light, open areas to play & plentiful options of toys & centers

-Container-free facility to aide in promoting healthy development of infants.

-Daily Curriculum beginning at infancy. Hands-on, developmental focuses toward child development

-Safe Campus! Pin code doors, camera system, private courtyard playgrounds & more!

-Private Breastfeeding Room

-Private rooms for conferences, children who need therapy, and extracurricular classes

-24/7 Customer Contact via this website


See our Tours & Enrollment page to apply for our waiting lists, schedule a tour or register for a drop-in day!

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for commonly asked questions and our COVID-19 Response.


To provide a healthy, positive, clean and relaxed environment in which well qualified and knowledgeable staff provides personal attention, guidance, and nurturing to each child to help them to achieve their full potential as both children and a member of society as they grow.

To reinforce and intertwine the beliefs of our mission within the staff as our primary vision during daily operations.

To provide an educational program where parents are kept well informed about daily events at all times and encouraged to be both observers and participants in their child’s development.

To provide a flexible curriculum that is planned to enhance and challenge distinct individual needs, interests, and abilities.

To enhance parents understanding and appreciation for their children.

To reinforce children’s understanding and respect for their parents and elders teachings, in a way that gives each child a feeling of self-worth and responsibility.


We believe that each child is a unique individual and all children can learn! Our educational system offers developmentally appropriate programs that focus on the process of thinking, creating, and promotes positive learning experiences at the critical stage of a child's life. We encourage not just learning, but the love for learning through our play-based learning centers. Our child centered program reflects the integration of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, self-help and aesthetic areas for the development of each child. We are sensitive to our children's social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs. We believe that providing a comfortable, safe, clean, healthy and relaxed environment oriented to child development is a top factor in ensuring that each child develops as they should.

Is is our wish to equip each child with stimulating learning experiences to help them develop a head start in their education.

We want to create a home-like feel when away from home for your little one. You are a part of our school family when you join NurtureSchool.